Fill your work environment with Super Heroes

My 5-year old has 8 super heroes that sit on his bed in his room. Every night we have to have them all in his bed before he goes to bed. Most of us grew up with some form of idolization of a “hero” whether they were a TV character, a family member or maybe a teacher/coach who we looked up to as they gave us positive direction in our lives. We carry those visions even as we get older sometimes we just forget we were chasing a life similar to that of our “super hero”. With the trials and rigors of life we grow up, go to school, maybe to college and into the workforce. In many cases, once we arrive into the workforce the environment at home drives us to forget being a “hero”, we have bills to pay, obligations with spouses, children and sometimes our care for our parents. Then we go to a day to day job with the demands of your job duty. All becoming a cycle of complacency.

Super Hero Day

At our company, we are vigorously working daily as a Preventative Care company whose main goal is to educate, facilitate and provide support for providers and patients. Ultimately, steering them towards better health care. We could have success in a current day to day setup never having a real visual understanding of the impact we can make with other employees and with the patients we engage. We decided to dedicate EVERY FRIDAY as Super Hero Day. Common thinking says, that’s a cool idea but offices all have some sort of relaxing day. That is far away from our meaning of Super Hero Day. We designed this day to focus on when you walk in that door you are making an impact no matter what position you are in. This day was also developed to give each employee a sense of strength from the “trials and rigors” of day to day life. 80% of our staff wears Scrubs when they are engaging patients during the week. On Friday’s, they are able to really become the Super Hero to their co-workers and to the patients they are servicing. Even better yet, everyone has a role to play as a Super Hero, we are all valuable and have to work together.

Patients Need A Person to look up to

In our engagement center we have a Certified Medical Assistants (CMA) up to Registered Nurses (RN) calling patients to schedule Wellness Visits, cover Chronic Care Management issues (CCM). We train every member of our team to always assume the person they are interacting with has a fear of an abnormal health issue. As I stated above, when we were younger we looked for our “hero” in a time of distress. We often slept with our favorite blanket, favorite stuffed animal and even our favorite Super Hero toy. Our main job on a day to day regiment is to make the patient understand we are there for them. We are there to be with them as they seek better health outcomes. Imagine that 58-year old who has been diagnosed with COPD and despises taking multiple medications and hates all the nagging questions the medical personnel will be probing on the phone. We are seeking a point to understand what the patient is going through. We eventually can become a “temporary hero” for them on the care

management or engagement call just by seeking to understand what they are experiencing or what their fears may be. Do we solve all the external issues the patient is dealing with? Obviously no, but what we are able to do is create an environment for our employees to feel the need to empathize with the patient as well as look for opportunities to educate, comfort and sometimes just listen to them. On the other hand, patients just looking for a release, a caring person to not judge them, tell them what they are doing wrong. Or worst of all, fire back at them enraging the whole conversation.

Super Heroes can be everywhere

Is our way the best way to build a culture? I can’t go as far to say that but what I can say with total confidence. With our Super Hero approach, we are able to create a “help others” first mentality. Both internally in our work place and how we engage our outcomes for engagement. Whether you are in banking, factory worker, technology or congress you never lose embracing this mentality. Our team will echo that each Friday because it is not about the weekend … it’s about championing the Healthy PLUS vision to help those who are in need of a HERO!

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